Configuring Mozilla Thunderbird for Email

Thunderbid is our preferred client for checking email because it correctly supports all the security protocols and algorithms that our email servers are capable of, and is open-source (therfore more secure).

To configure Thunderbird for email, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Thunderbird application
    • Windows: Start -> All Programs -> Mozilla Thunderbird -> Thunderbird
    • MacOS: /Applications/
  2. Find the "Tools" menu:
    • Windows: Press "Alt" key to revel the menubar, then select tools
    • MacOS: Select "Tools" from the menu bar at the top of your screen
  3. Select "Account Settings". A new window will popup/slide down
  4. Click "Account Actions" then "Add Mail Account..."
  5. You will now be asked for some basic details:
    • Type your name as you want it to appear to people who receive your email
    • Type your full email address for the account your setting up
    • Type the password associated with your account
  6. Upon clicking "Continue", Thunderbird will attempt to automatically figure out the correct settings for your account. It does a pretty good job of this, but it's not always correct. You will need to click the "Manual config" button to adjust these correcttly.
  7. Once you've selected "Manual config", change the settings there so that the reflect the following:
    • Incoming IMAP:
      • Server Hostname:
      • Port: 993
      • SSL: SSL/TLS
      • Authentication: Encrypted Password
    • Outgoing SMTP:
      • Server Hostname:
      • Port: 465
      • SSL: SSL/TLS
      • Authentication: Encrypted Password
    • Username:
      • Incoming: < Your Full Email Address >
      • Outgoing: < Your Full Email Address >
  8. Click "Done".
  9. Back in the Account Settings dialog, find the email account you just setup, then click "Junk Settings" below it.
  10. On the right side, tick the box that says: "Trust junk mail headers set by:" and select "SpamAssassin" from the list.
  11. You may also need to tick the box that says: "Move new junk messages to:" and select "Junk folder on: < Account Name >".
  12. Close the Account Settings dialog by clicking the "OK" button.
Thunderbird Email Configuration
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