DNS Name Servers

If you have your domain name registered with a provider other than us, you will need to set the name servers with your provider so that you domain points to our DNS services.

Each of our servers hosts your DNS records on itself and has a corosponding naveserver address. For example, if your website is hosted on server01, the primary name server will be ns1.whitegum.net.au.

We also have a DNS replication system in place to provide redundancy to the DNS on each of our servers, This service is provided by BuddyNS and you will need to add their nameserver addresses to your domain registration as well.

WhiteGum Name Servers

WhiteGum ServerName Server Address
Server-01 ns1.whitegum.net.au

BuddyNS Name Servers

Name Server AddressServer Location
h.ns.buddyns.com Adelaide, Australia
f.ns.buddyns.com Chennai, India
l.ns.buddyns.com Tokyo, Japan
c.ns.buddyns.com Nuremberg, Germany
d.ns.buddyns.com New York City, United States
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